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fur face & co.


Creative Director
Graphic Design


Brand Strategy, Naming, Dialog Style Principles, Voice, UX Design Principles, Guidelines, Graphic Design, Graphic Art, Photography, Web Design, Printed Catalog, Social Media, Digital Ads

Live Website


A new brand, fur face & co. needed to capture the eye of a targeted pet owner audience, in an oversaturated apparels market.


With digital mockups I created the foundation for fur face & co.'s persona. Along with targeted social media ads I was able to reach a specific nitch on a large scale. With branding, visual language and minimalist graphics, I built out the “show off your fur face” community. This became the foundation for the development of fur face's name, voice, dialogue style principles and UX design principles.


After creating the core elements of fur face & co. I created the first set of motion stories for social media with different interests such as “health”, “training,” “grooming,” “thinking,” “sharing” to work across a variety of products from human apparel to pet accessories. With a keen understanding of the targeted audience, fur face & co. is poised to make a lasting impact in the pet parent industry.

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