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Creative Director
Graphic Design


Brand Strategy, Naming, Dialog Style Principles, Voice, UX Design Principles, Guidelines, Launch Video, Photography/Videography, Web Design, IG Puzzle, Digital Marketing, Social Media Ads.



Inspired by western living and rise of gender conversation LU set out to celebrate individual's voice while maintaining a look and feel that is luxurious and accessible. Showcasing how LU captures the essence of western modern living and inclusivity.


Through the immersion phase, I created “the U{ndefined}” persona and dug deep into the gender identity conversation. This led me to create the brand strategy around “U define who U are.” This was brought to life through an immersive visual identity that conveyed both the premium visual cues of the unique look with the proximity and commitment to luxury. The embossing style was complemented with a crafted wordmark that is a the artisanal touch. I dialed-up the brand's environmental credentials with the added location descriptor, effectively helping to brand the unique and western location in Austin TX.


LU is a project that has made a big impact in the Austin Artisanal Community since 2017, with its successful branding and communications across digital channels. Their unique bolo designs have gained popularity among locals and travelers, and their presence at Local Craft Shows has helped them stand out in a crowded market.

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