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HHD 5784


Graphic Design


Printed Catalog, Dialog Style Principles, UX Design Principles, Guidelines, Graphic Design, Copy, Email Marketing.


A yearly 32-page catalog and memorial book were in need of a redesign within a two-week turnaround. With no existing concept or layout, this project showcases my ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver high-quality results.


Based on a single flyer that expanded into the development of a bulletin and memorial book. This project showcases a theme and creative design skills, highlighting the process of taking a simple concept and turning it into a comprehensive and impactful set of materials.


After creating the core elements of the catalog, this project showcased a comprehensive catalog with core elements such as messaging, events, and committees for a variety of internal and external events. In addition, I utilized the catalog's visual concept to create an effective email marketing campaign to reach the targeted audience.

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