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The Creative Process

Design Process: How to Create a Winning Concept.

For every designer and their respective industry, the approach to the design process may vary. However, the fundamental structure of the design process remains the same. Here are the four stages of the design process:

  1. Preparation: Identify and define the problem or challenge you intend to solve.

  2. Incubation: Collect information, references, and inspirations to stimulate ideas.

  3. Divergence: Transform the collected ideas into new and innovative concepts.

  4. Convergence: Evaluate and validate the solutions.

While these terms may seem theoretical, they are generally applicable to all types of design (such as fashion, textiles, graphics, and products). However, we understand the need for a more hands-on approach. To that end, I have created a five-step creative process based on my experience as both a Product Designer and as a Creative Director:

  1. Find Your Concept: Search for inspiration and pinpoint a general idea, keyword, or concept that you will develop in this project.

  2. Create A Moodboard: After researching the concept, summarize your new universe visually in a moodboard.

  3. Develop Your Concept: It's time to start designing! Fill your research book with an abundance of ideas, inspirations, colors, sketches, and tests.

  4. Finalize Your Concept: Choose the best ideas from your research book for your final product or collection.

  5. Translate Your Concept Into A Final Product: With your sketches and finalized ideas, it's time to create the first prototypes!

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